Salep & Silk

A Historic feast where East meets West along the Silk Road

Cast and Crew

Mahzun: Ali Tabibnejad

An Jamuk: Reid Reimers

Parsa: Sarina Hart

Princess: Saquoia Raymond

Monk, Servant, Frenchman: Sarina Hart

Story and Script: Josh Wagner

Director: Rebecca Schaffer

Stage Manager: Mikyla Rae Veis

Costume Designer: Kara Chandler

Lighting Director: Eric Hersh

Props: Paul Chirico

Set Design: Rebecca Schaffer

Menu Design: Abe Risho

Music: Aaron Jennings

Set Crew: Daniel Haley, Kaet Morris, Reid Reimers, Leslie Washburn

Special Thanks to: Missoula Children’s Theater, The Silk Road Restaurant, Leslie Washburn, John Nilles, Destini Vaile, Kenneth Billington, and Blaine Dunkley


Produced by Impossible Clock Productions

John Nilles, Kenneth Billington, and Blaine Dunkley

Editing by Josh Wagner

Logo Design by Tim Daniel

Title Animation by Nate Biehl

Special Thanks to Jon Aaseng and Mountain Kid Pictures for Animation Concept and Consulting