Salep & Silk

A Historic feast where East meets West along the Silk Road

The Debut Production

In the fall of 2010 Montana Actor’s Theater and The Silk Road restaurant produced “Salep & Silk” a stage play by¬† Josh Wagner. “Salep & Silk” explores the lives of two traders traveling along the Silk Road, one from the East and one from the West. Once a year, the two friends meet in the middle to share food, stories, and philosophy.

The menu for this dinner theater production featured delicacies designed by Abe Risho, head chef of The Silk Road restaurant. The audience was able to choose between two menus: the Eastern cuisine (China) or the Western plates (Turkey). The food intertwined with the plot, as the travelers shared their culture and history with each other through these meals passed down from generation to generation, from the fall of the Roman Empire to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

The production was shot in High Definition using 5 camera angles over two performance nights. The footage is currently being cut together, and the production will be available to view online for free by mid-winter, 2011.

Directed by Rebecca Sporman. Staring Ali Tabibnejad, Reid Reimers, Sarina Hart, and Saquoia Raymond. Music by Aaron Jennings. Costume design by Kara Chandler. Menu designed by Abraham Risho.

Erika Fredrickson was there from the local Indy Newspaper to review the event.